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Marble Words (Low Resolution 176x220): Reviews

Processor:Standard (ARM/XSCALE etc...)
Operating System:Windows Mobile 2000, Windows Mobile 2002, Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 6

"Too addictive to be used as a time killer"
If you've got 5 mins to kill & want a game that you can just pick up & play & have loads of fun, this is it! The prob is it's too addictive to be used as a time killer and starts to eat into your proper life!!!

"This game really shines"
Anyone who hasn't tried this game is in for a treat. Unlike most Pocket PC Games which have novelty value but no real substance, this game really shines. It's the only game that makes me think "I wish my batteries would last a little longer" and not "where is that damn on/off switch". Remember the good old days when games were didn't need an instruction manual the size of a telephone directory, and was so annoyingly addictive you couldn't put it down for love nor money... this is it. The best Pocket PC adventure to date.

"Excellent work guys"
I wasn't expecting alot from this title but it turned out to be a really solid little program. The graphics are great, the music and sound effects aren't grating, and the worlds are well drawn. Excellent work guys, this is a title truly deserving of its asking price.

"Great game play, very addictive,"
Great game play, very addictive, fair controlling, nice graphics, free add on-levels, just a perl in the big Pocket game scene and much, much better than Marble Madness.

"There simply isn't a better game,"
The only reason I gave them a five-of-five review is because I didn't have an option for six! I originally tried version 1.0 of Marble Worlds but also had problems with the controls. As a fellow developer of products for the Pocket PC, I contacted them with a possible solution. Needless to say, they integrated the change and now made this quite simply, the one game you cannot live without! I LITERALLY drained my battery not once, but twice playing this game! There simply isn't a better game, period!

"What a fantasticly addictive game" 5/5
This is one of those games you simply can't put down. Sort of Marble Madness meets arcade adventure game, with frustratingly addictive gameplay. Great graphics and atmospheric sound suck you into this fantasy world. Gameplay is fast and smooth with really nice effects and great ball physics. Great job....

"Marble Worlds is probably one of the most visually-striking games you'll play on the PocketPC..." -

"Hugely enjoyable, addictively challenging"
If someone asked me "why should I buy an iPaq?", Marble Worlds would have to be one of the reasons. I have become sceptical of PocketPC games - too often they promise much, but deliver little. Marble Worlds is a rare exception, and in a very short space of time has got me completely hooked! The website ( offers limited description, and the instructions are brief, but the game just seems to suck you in to its world. Without realizing it, hours have gone buy in minutes as I try and make it to the next stage. I can only describe MW as a cross between one of those wonderful old Commodore-64 maze games and that great Nintendo-64 game "Glover". You need sharp coordination skills and a good problem-solving mind. But be warned - the game is ruthless and before you know it you will be out of lives and back at the beginning. Each time you play, you discover a little more about the MW "world". The more you discover, the more you want to play. The more you play, the harder it gets. That's my definition of addictive. I'm intrigued about the possibilities of new "worlds" being created by the developers and released through their web site. The graphics are crisp and clear without over-taxing the capabilities of my iPaq. The sounds are rich and fun, and add atmosphere (if that's needed!). The ball / gravity dynamics are excellent - acceleration, decceleration, bouncing, are all very realistic. One complaint (although this is probably iPaq related): the iPaq direction controller has to be pressed very specifically in order to carry out certain actions. This can be frustrating. Hats off to the guys at 4pockets! They have managed to convince me that there are some good games on the iPaq.
William - Texas

"Very Addictive and enjoyable arcade adventure"
This has to be my favourite Pocket PC game to date. The graphics and sound are very good and there are some very cool effects such as smoke trails and clouds of smoke when your marble brakes... cool. It's fun just exploring and puzzle solving without a frustrating clock counting you down like 'Marble Madness'. Great fun and well recomended
Mark - Nottingham

"OH MAN is it awesome!!"
I downloaded the demo of Marble Worlds last week and OH MAN is it awesome!! VERY CHALLENGING!! If it was any harder, I would've given up. As it is, I had to use the online walkthrough to find a few of the spots I just couldn't figure out on my own. Excellent, EXCELLENT game !! I already emailed your website to a few friends with PPCs. I can't wait to try the other "worlds".

"Awesome Game... 1 of my all time faves!" 5/5
This game is pure eye candy at its best! Plus it's 1 tough puzzle style game. With the addition of expansion packs Space Station and Candy World, it's EVEN BETTER! (I could only find Candy World @ the developer's website, sad for Handango). I highly recommend this game for anyone who enjoys beautiful graphics & a challenging game. This is a game that was made a number of years ago but plays as if it were made w/today's programming technology! I can't say enough positive about it except to add that I had a few install problems, wrote the developer and he responded to each within hours and helped me through all; he even created an updated version to fix an asthetic (non-play related, and VERY MINOR) sound issue that was nothing more than a gnat in my OCD soup!!!
Michael - Pennsylvania

"Beautiful and Engaging" 5 Star
Enter the life of an adventurous, amazing little marble and explore scenic landscapes filled with danger, challenge, and just plain fun. From the very beginning of this game, I was drawn into the rich, beautiful scenery, enhanced by ambient environmental sounds such as birdsong (although I never saw a bird), rushing water, and even the snoring of that bully, the black marble. Combined with smooth gameplay and just enough mental challenge to keep things interesting, Marble Worlds is a winner. As soon as I completed the 10th and final level, I was already scrambling to download the first expansion module. The game ran flawlessly on my HP Jornada 568, and the controls were easy enough to get the hang of (I had none of the control problems others have complained about). Unfortunately, the "jump" button wound up being to the right of the directional pad on the Jornada (not good for right-handed gamers like me), but tapping the screen also "jumps" and I found that to work fine. In the future, I would like to have the option of moving the "jump" function to a different button. I expected the challenges and puzzles to increase in difficulty gradually through the levels, but found only a slight difference from level to level. This is not to say the game lost its challenge, however, because every new area is unique and engaging in its own right. The occassional "easy" pickings nicely balanced the more difficult tasks. Some areas seemed to be thrown in just for the sheer fun of it, with no real need to tackle them unless you chose to. As an example, there is one part of a particular level where you can jump up and actually fly across a long stretch water. Even though there is another way around, I found myself going back for a "fly" several times before leaving that level. Some levels seem to hint at various themes or moods, adding to the rich atmosphere with medieval castles, Egyptian pyramids, lush forests, and more. Even with these varied landscapes, I felt a pleasant sense of continuity...until the tenth, final level. The scenery *completely* changed for the tenth level, which I found rather jarring. Gone were the natural, earthy lanscapes I'd grown so fond of through the previous nine levels, replaced by spacey, ultra-futuristic surroundings. The new environment wasn't bad, it just broke uncomfortably from the earthy feel of the rest of the game. It felt like a completely different game. I would like to see this level replaced with one which blends better with the rest of the game, leaving the spacey stuff out (possibly for another expansion module). Reservations aside, I absolutely adore Marble Worlds. The gameplay was smooth and comfortable, yet aptly challenging. The graphics varied with the levels but remained captivating throughout. The ambient sound effects helped create an immersive atmosphere. There is no musical soundtrack to this game, but it does not need one (it would probably be turned off after a time anyway). I am eagerly looking forward to playing the expansion modules. )-|-( Heather
Heather from Gulf Coast, Florida

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