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JIGaSAWrus: Reviews

Processor:Standard (ARM/XSCALE etc...)
Operating System:Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 2003 SE, Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 6
Features:Square screen aware

"Addictive and Well Implemented" 5/5
A really fun program. Didn’t know I liked jigsaws until I tried this and don’t regret buying it. Supplied jigsaws are varied (about 30 in all) and are categorised – e.g. Animals and Wildlife, Architecture, Landmarks etc. Best of all – you can convert any jpeg, gif or bmp into a jigsaw and set up your own categories. Jigsaw piece complexity can be varied (actually makes it easier to find the right piece if they are more complex). Piece dragging is smooth and you get a satisfying click and edge lit animation when the pieces fit together. The only downside is the limitation to the number of pieces – I think 500 is the theoretical limit but the jigsaws I've created so far seem to max out at about 250 pieces. Games can be saved at any point but you have to remember to do this – as there is no automatic save. Product ID: 212604
Norman Uppard from London

"Super" 5/5
Easy, fun, good categories, great options
Handango User

"A great game and excellent value " 5/5 - Girlygamer

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