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4Pinball: Reviews

Processor:Standard (ARM/XSCALE etc...)
Operating System:Windows Mobile 2000, Windows Mobile 2002, Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 2003 SE, Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 6

"You'll love it, it's the perfect game if you need to entertain yourself some minutes in the underground or the bus or even if yo" - UptoDown

"Simply fantastic" 5/5
This game is simply fantastic once you get the expansion tables. The graphics are second to none, can't wait for more tables. Anyone in two minds should checkout the Cyber Storm table demo. Enough Said!!

"Very smooth, fab graphics"
Very smooth, fab graphics, easy to get into & difficult to put down. One of its great features is to be able to customise the keys specific to your PDA for best control of the flippers. Can't wait for some more add-on tables.

"This game is better than MS pinball for PC!" 5/5
This game is better than MS pinball for PC! It has realistic game play and it possible to tilt the game. I had to buy an external power supply because I play it so much.

"The best pinball today!!!!!"
The best pinball today!!!!!
Helmut, Germany

"The BEST pinball game for the PocketPC" 5/5
Warpspasm from Land of Pleasant Living (pass me a Boh!). Forget other apps, 4Pinball is better in every conceivable way. Just try the demo and compare it to the others and you'll see why.

"Very Good Game!" 5/5
Excellent playability and graphics. A lot of fun, with good challenges. Only wish there were more than two different games to play. But I play this game all the time.
Phoenix, AZ

"Very enjoyable addition to my PocketPC" 4/5
What really makes this game so different is all the effects etc. that are unique to this Pinball game. A very enjoyable addition to my PocketPC software collection.

"Try it, you'll like it!!"
Anyone that enjoys action/adventure games should really give this a try. Very much in the Marble Madness type mould but without the irritation of being up against the clock. Graphics are excellent and there is a real sense of gameplay that makes you come back for more, very rare with pocket pc games. Try it, you'll like it!!

"4Pinball is best described as a realistic Pinball machine - only a lot smaller." 5 Star
4Pinball is best described as a realistic Pinball machine - only a lot smaller. It comes with realistic sound effects, hi-color graphics and fast, realistic ball actions. The program includes 2 game tables that auto-scroll in a full-screen display, allowing you to play an area much larger than the actual screen. You can operate it just like a real-live pinball machine, it even supports tilting (using the touchscreen). Additional table packs are available for purchase to extend the game.

"Cyber Storm - This table is most excellent!!"
Cyber Storm - This table is most excellent, definately the best 4Pinball expansion table so far. It's just so damn addictive you can't put it down. The table is clear and well designed and beautifully drawn. Another recomendation is the Halloween table which until now was my favourite.
Bill using iPAQ H3760/5

"4Pinball is the #1 pinball simulator"
The Halloween Table has got to be the best table for 4Pinball, closely followed by Meteor Balls. It's a shame these aren't included in the full game because it would make 4Pinball a truly superb program. 4Pinball is the #1 pinball simulator because it is so fun to play...period!
William using iPAQ H3760/5

"A very compulsive game - I love it!" 5 out of 5
Having played this for a couple of days, I just had to buy the full version! It has both excellent, smooth graphics, and excellent sound effects. A very compulsive game - I love it!
Trevor Bottomley

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