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Pocket Breakout: Reviews

Processor:Standard (ARM/XSCALE etc...)
Operating System:Windows Mobile 2000, Windows Mobile 2002, Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 2003 SE, Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 6

"Excellent graphics and gameplay that will keep you on your toes" - PDArcade

"Great game" 4/5
OK, this type of game may not be your cup of tea but believe me once you start playing you won't put it down. The demo includes 3 relatively easy (once you know what you are doing) yet varied levels. Well done guys, more like this please!!

"This game rocks..." 5/5
Probably better than the majority of PC clones but on your Pocket PC. Plenty of eye candy especially if you turn on smoke trails which for some reason is off by default. A must for anyone who enjoys this type of arcade/puzzle thingy!!

"This Game Is Awesome!"
This Game Is Highly addictive And It Has Great Graphics. Plus It Has Great Sound Effects. This Game Is Sooooooooo Great You Can't Possibly Stop Playing.
Mike - Syracuse

"HEEEEELLLLPPPPP! I need more levels ;-)"
Really addictive game. You won't stop playing till you have reached all levels and then you'll start craving for more.
Miguel - Willemstad

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