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Meteor Multi Track Recorder DAW on the iPad

Meteor is a digital multi-track recorder, DAW,  designed specifically for the iPad.

The program features 16 tracks (up to 32 with In-App) of high quality audio, a built in mixer, Virtual Instruments and multi-effects processor. Meteor is ideally suited for creating musical compositions, and also a great tool for journalists and business people who need to splice and piece together voice notes, narration or dictation. Compositions once mixed can be exported to standard file formats for use on your desktop PC or MAC.

Meteor includes a fully featured sound editor allowing recordings to be trimmed or spliced together.

You can apply various effects to your recordings either directly, as part of the recording process or in real time during playback. Editor features include cut, copy, paste, fade in/out. clear, reverse, gain, normalize, remove DC offset, time stretch and pitch shift. Effects include digital delay, chorus / flanger, reverb, graphic equalizer, tone boost, compressor (with side chaining) and distortion.

Meteor Multi Track Recorder ControllerThe Mixer and effect levels can be fully automated using definable controller tracks. An integrated metronome with count-in helps you record your masterpiece, and if 16 tracks isn't enough there is a full stereo mixdown facility.

Key Features:

  • Record up to 24 tracks of CD quality audio
  • simultaneous multiple channel audio recording.
  • Multi-Effects Processor
  • Integrated 24  channel Mixer
  • Integrated Sample Editor
  • 3 Global Send Effect Busses
  • Insert Effects with freeze facility to reduce CPU load.
  • Record Effects & Record Monitor
  • Mixer and Effect Automation
  • Metronome
  • AudioBus and Inter-App Audio Compatible
  • Selectable Inputs for both Audio Sources and AudioBus.
  • Selectable Outputs for each track.
  • PasteBoard Support
  • Mixdown / Bounce Facility
  • Import samples and iPod songs.
  • Export to compressed CAF and WAV formats
  • Automatic Delay Compensation
  • In-App Purchases available through the Online Shop
  • Stereo Recording and Stereo Tracks complete with Pure Stereo
  • Stereo Effects
  • Side chaining is now available on Stereo audio tracks using the Compressor.
  • MIDI Thru support has been added to the MIDI Setup page
  • Virtual Intruments In-App including Piano, Synthesizer and Drums 
  • Export each track individually during a mixdown.
  • A 'Downloadable Sound Libraries' option has been added to the 'Help' menu.
  • A MIDI import option
  • HOLD pedal support for Virtual Instruments
  • SoundCloud  support
  • MIDI Export
  • Split incoming stereo tracks into two mono tracks.
  • MIDI Clock Sync and SSP
  • Send Song Via Email
  • Record and Play Midi Tracks and Sync with External Hardware using the MIDI Clock.
  • Quantize of both MIDI and Audio data
  • Revert to saved function
  • Course, Medium and Fine Controllers for both MIDI and Audio Tracks
  • Assign Custom Colours to parts of a song i.e. make the chorus easy to identify by assigning the colour blue.
  • Supports background audio


  • Meteor has a new look and feel which was introduced to unify the appearence when running under either iOS6 and iOS7. As of version 2.0 we no longer support the iPad 1 as we have a minimum requirement of iOS6.1.
  • Meteor now allows 4th and 5th generation iPad users the ability to create up to 32 tracks so long as you have purchased the 16-24 Track upgrade.
  • A new 'Add Track' button has been added to the bottom of the header column in Track View. This can be used to add tracks one at a time specifying the Track Type before creation.
  • Meteor now supports Apple's Inter-App Audio for both Instruments and Effects during the recording process. You can select a single instrument and effect processor from a tracks Audio In/Out dialog before recording. This will allow you to use external Apps such as StompBox as an external effects unit or for direct recording of your guitar.
  • We have improved Meteor's MIDI file handling and added a new General MIDI compatible instrument which will attempt instrument mapping on import of a MIDI file. This is even available to those that haven't purchased the Virtual Instrument Pack, however the quality of the instruments isn't up to the same high standard.
  • We have added an improved 'New Project' dialog allowing you to configure the initial number of tracks and track types. It is now possible to create a project with as few as 8 tracks and then add new tracks as and when they are required. This reduces memory and cpu load on the system and reduces screen clutter.
  • The 'Track Count' option is now always available on the 'Options' menu allowing you to specify as few as 8 or as many as 32 tracks in 8 track increments. This will depend on the model of device and whether you have purchased the track upgrade option.
  • There is now a CPU Usage tool available in the 'Tools' menu. This is useful for keeping an eye on system load with large projects. Tapping on the meter toggled between cpu, polyphony and storage space.
  • Virtual Instrument patches can now be selected directly from Track View using a MIDI tracks In/Out dialog.
  • We have added a new Display Mode option called 'Real Time' which displays the song position and ruler measurements in seconds. In this mode the metronome counts seconds, rather than beats and bars. The 'Time' option only changes the way the song position is displayed, and does not effect the metronome or ruler measurements.
  • Added a Lock Faders button to the master channel of the mixer. This can be used to adjust all faders at the same time, allowing you to reduce or increase the overall volume of a mix.
  • Added support for the new AudioBus SDK Version


  • Meteor now supports simultaneous multiple channel audio recording.
  • Selectable Inputs for both Audio Sources and AudioBus.
  • Selectable Outputs for each track.
  • The Video plugin now allows you to export a movie with soundtrack to a file or the camera roll.
  • Stacked Recordings (Loop Mode in Single Track Mode).
  • Improved CPU usage and improved quality of Pitch Shifting
  • Improved Quality Time Stretching.
  • Added a Basic Auto Tune for monophonic vocal recordings to the wave editor.
  • Added an Invert Phase option to the wave editor.
  • Copy, Paste and Replicate now preserve cross fades.
  • Added the ability to apply cross fades to all cloned clips.
  • Added Cross Fade presets for 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 500ms.
  • Added Share To dialog to Audio Pool.
  • Added Markers for easier project navigation.
  • Added MIDI Track Event Inspector.
  • Added the ability to Dissolve Type 0 MIDI files and MIDI Parts.
  • Added the ability to Dissolve MIDI parts by Channel, Note, CC type or Selection.
  • Fixed a bug when sending a Mix Down via Email.
  • The Overview button now displays a preview of an entire track in the MIDI Editor and the entire mixer in Mixer Mode.
  • Added a New project option to the Project Explorer.
  • Added the Song name to the Overview screen.
  • Added an Info option to Track Mode for displaying track names and types.
  • Added a 'Mixer Control Method' option to the 'Options' menu. This allows you to select a prefer method of control in the mixer.
  • Added a scroll lock to the mixer view.
  • Added an option to the iPad's Settings app which allows you to turn off the automatic loading of the last loaded project.

Music Radar - 10 of the Best IOS DAWS - "Meteor’s trump card is its excellent sounding effects, although many of these require extra in-app purchases. It also features a handy little audio editor which can be used to trim and tidy up recordings brought into the app via Audiobus."

"Fantastic update. This one finally gives iPad users access to a full-fledged DAW on their devices - Scot Solida The Electronic Garden/Computer Music Magazine


Great app constant upgrades a company that listens
By: Zero stars!!
Sept 21st 2013
Great app constant upgrades a company that listens - Just a thanks for such a good DAW have tried most on the App Store and this is the best. Also recommend the feature of scroll lock on the FX, got quick response by email and was told that it would be in this upgrade. Ace highly recommend.

Most Excellent
By: Littlewoodg
Dec 22 2012

A Sleeper - Editable Sampler, Editable Synth, MIDI, Smooth Track Editing, Quality Effects with Automation, Not Much it doesn't do. Feeding tracks from Aurora and Synergy, this is a really amazing rig - smokes Auria.

This is it 
By: Zen Lizard
Dec 13 10 2012

Meteor - The most underated app in the universe!
This is the essential tool to bring to bring all the iPads music making goodness together, along with being a very capable DAW that brings your real world instrument and vocal recordings to the party. I own all the DAW and sequencer apps, Meteor is in the top 2, Garageband is a toy by comparison. Do yourself a favour and download it now.

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