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Reflection: iPad Music Player

CoverFlow Music and Radio Player for iPad with Music Match Mode: Your Music Your Way

 Reflection includes the following great features 


  •  Fast and Fluid Cover Flow.
  • 3 Modes: Music Match (Online), Music (Offline) and Internet Radio (Online)
  • Large and Uncluttered Display.
  • Visualization Effects Bring the Screen to Life - 11 to choose from or Random Mode.
  • Online Mode to Support Music Match.
  • Ten Band Graphic Equalizer with Onscreen Visualizations.
  • Graphic Equalizer with 10 presets including Rock, Pop Etc.
  • Use your iPad Playlists or Create New Playlists in Reflection.
  • Portrait and Landscape Modes.
  • Add/Remove and Shuffle your Current Play Queue.
  • Search by Artist Name, Album, Genre etc.
  • Alphabetical Indexing and Selectable Sort Order.
  • Shuffle and Random Options for Playlist.
  • Airplay support.
  • Digital Clock and Alarm Mode - Wake up to your Favourite Tracks or Radio
  • Customize the display - 3 Button Color Sets
  • Option for On/Off Screen Spectrum Display

The large and uncluttered layout makes Reflection ideally suited as an addition to your Home Music Systems or for In-Car Entertainment

Combine Airplay and Mirroring to your Apple TV to stream Reflection to your big screen TV and Surround Sound system for awesome Sounds and Visual Effects.

Reflection has never been this much fun....


I think this is the best App for music
By: Mickyboy007
Version: 1.03
I think this is the best App for music - I have now been using this app for about three months now and just love it the equerlizer is brilliant and I love the layout very easy to use also the visual side is well just stunning I just hope they put radio option in then I think this will be the best app on the apple store so come if you want a good quality music visual player this will not let you down. 4pockets