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Marble Worlds 2 for iPod & iPhone
Marble Worlds 2 for the iPhone & iPod Touch Guide your Marble through the isometric 3D scenery of Marble Worlds collecting gems and solving puzzles as you go for hours of addictive fun. Explore 5 different themed worlds with a total of 100 different levels of play.

Use features such as bounce pads, air blowers, jet holes and exploding bombs whilst avoiding the evil marbles. Marble Worlds is a highly addictive and playable challenge, and hours of fun.

Many great features including...
-Accelerometer (tilt) control
-Touch screen control
-Air Blowers to float on
-Rebounders to bounce off
-Jet holes to propel your marble sky high
-Trampolines to bounce extra high
-Energy draining water
-Slippery Ice
-Switches and changing scenery
-Bombs and exploding blocks
-Bridges to cross gaps and chasms
-Portals to warp from one place to another
-Evil marbles, that zap your strength
-Checkpoints and saved game features


Marble Worlds 2 for the iPhone & iPod Touch Marble Worlds 2 for the iPhone & iPod Touch Marble Worlds 2 for the iPhone & iPod Touch Marble Worlds 2 for the iPhone & iPod Touch

"Incredible. A real masterpiece..... The controls, storyline, and graphics make this a must have on anyone's iPhone - This blends the concepts of platformer and labyrinth perfectly. A real winner." 4.5/5

"GREAT - 10 STARS - This is really amazing wonderful game. I had so much fun while playing this game. For me it is really the best game for iPhone ... I am a Marble Worlds2 junkie ... Buy this amazing game, especially for this ridiculous low price. You will NOT regret it."

"One of the very notable things about Marble Worlds 2 is that there are a lot of different obstacles - The amount of diversity in this game is really astounding - Retro graphics coupled with the very retro sound effects make this game look and feel great - Marble Worlds 2 is a great port of a great game." 9/10


made for iPod
made for iPhone
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