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SmartPhone Apps: Auto Tuner
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Auto Tuner SmartPhone Apps
Processor:Standard (ARM/XSCALE etc...)
Operating System:Windows Mobile 2003 SE, Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 6

NOT Windows Phone compatible
Please note that Windows Mobile and Windows Phone are different operating systems. Please view the list of operating systems above for compatibility. If you are unsure please download and try the demo before purchase.

(UK Pounds) £19.95
(US Dollars) $29.95

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Smartphone and Pocket PC magazine Best Software Awards Nominee4Pockets Auto Tuner is real-time chromatic instrument tuner for your PC and Windows Smartphone. The tuner can accurately determine the frequency, musical note and octave of any input signal without the need to pre-select target notes or strings.

Auto Tuner automatically calculates the nearest musical note to that being played on your instrument and accurately determines how many cents the note is away from the true frequency. Simply tune your instruments so that the actual frequency of the note being played matches that of the true calculated target frequency. This allows you to easily experiment with different tunings as it eliminates the need to pre-select note frequencies.

The program incorporates harmonic error correction technology and the ability to compensate for notes played in wrong octave, allowing you to tune using either open strings or harmonics.

System Requirements

PC Version:
Microsoft Windows 98/ME/XP operating system
300Mhz processor or better processor
32Mb memory
2Mb free disk space.
Sound Card
Good Quality Microphone

Smartphone Version:
206Mhz or better ARM / XScale processor
32 Mb memory.
1Mb free storage space.

Please Note: This version is compatible with both low resolution 176x220 pixel and high resolution 240x320 pixel smartphones.

Manual [HLP] Auto Tuner

Key Features:

  • Versions for both PC and Windows Smartphone
  • Can be used to tune virtually any instrument
  • Automatic detection of note, frequency and octave (up to 4Khz)
  • Analogue Meter for fine tuning
  • Harmonic error correction.
  • Frequency Spectrum display for course tuning.
  • Variable trigger levels to eliminate background noise.
  • Accuracy: ~ +/- 0.005% at 1Khz

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