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PC Games: The Great Gold Rush
The Great Gold Rush PC Games

The Great Gold Rush PC Games
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The Great Gold Rush PC Games
(UK Pounds) �6.95
(US Dollars) $9.95

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Gold Rush is a fast and furious multiplayer game which requires quick thinking and a devious mind. The objective of the game is simply to collect more gold and precious stones than your opponent by bombing them as you go....

The one that collects and banks the stash with the biggest value wins. Some treasures are worth more than others so the trick is to seek out those that are most valuable. These stones are heavy, and you can only carry so many at any one time. Once your backpack is full you must return to your bank to deposit your stash before heading out for more....

In order to retrieve treasures you will need to blast your way through obstacles using bombs. These bombs are dangerous so avoid standing too close when they explode! You can pick up bomb upgrades which increase your ability to drop multiple bombs, which can also be used as a weapon against your enemy!

The mines are very unstable and every once in a while earthquakes occur and the resulting landslide has a nasty habit of blocking your path, so don't stray too far from your bank. The flip side is it sometimes uncovers hidden gold so keep your eyes peeled at all times.

Key Features:

  • Multiplayer Support
  • Single Player Mode
  • Up to 4 Computer players
  • Key Configuration
  • Network / WiFi compatible
  • Fast Smooth High Color Graphics
  • Particle Effects Engine

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