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Marble Worlds: Space Station Expansion World Walkthrough
The Space Station Expansion World is probably our most challenging yet so we've provided a map and this guide to help anyone who gets stuck. Please refer to the map for area numbers. The Map shows approximate positions of gems, lifes and portals in the World.

All directions refer to N being the top of the screen.

AREA 1: (You Start Here)
  1. Go NE and drop onto the blue switch to open a path along the pipe.
  2. Get the bomb next to the steaming pipe so you can jump and break through the air vent in the wall to the NW.
    NOTE: The trampoline under the bomb for later
  3. Travelling NW from b you'll see an extra life but you can't get it yet!
  4. Just NW of c there is a vertical shaft, enter it and jump, inside there's a trampoline which will get you onto the platform above, drop down the shaft on the other side.
  5. Collect the GEM and use the nearby trampoline to jump back to c. The trampline is not aligned with the extra life so you probably won't be able to pick it up from here, it's easier to get later.
  6. Now go SE back to b (the trampoline near the steaming pipe). Use the trampoline to jump NE onto the railing.
  7. Drop back onto the blue switch, follow the pipe SE and this time go NE at the T-junction, which leads up onto a platform area with a lit doorway
  8. Finish the level by travelling NW towards the exit, first travelling underneath the exit platform past the 2 pipes and then up the other side. If you want the extra life, follow the first pipe (not the steaming one).

As you'll see from the map there are two exits out of this area to areas 3 and 5. This guide describes completing the world by going to area 3 first.
  1. You'll enter this area into a room. Pick up the 2 bombs just to the SW and use them to smash the vents in the NW wall. Now jump through the vent into the vent tunnel closest to where you picked up the bombs.
  2. Follow the vent tunnel to its lit exit. If you drop out of the vent tunnel at the right speed (not too fast or too slow) you'll drop onto some trampolines allowing you to jump over to a lit entrance to another vent tunnel. If you didn't land in it, enter it.
  3. Follow the vent tunnel NW taking occasional jumps as the tunnel rises, and exit the level when you reach the portal.

You have now entered the maze, and users who haven't read this guide will probably be cursing us because it's not easy to do, or is it?

The maze consists of a series of small rooms, with holes and walkways leading to other similar rooms. Around the exit holes are blocks with red, green and blue lights on them.

If you only go through holes with GREEN lights DIRECTLY ABOVE THE HOLE, and when neither hole has green lights take the only other possible way, you'll complete the maze easily.

On your way to the exit portal collect the GEM in the N corner of the area. Leave the exit SLOOOWLY so as not to fall off when you enter the next room.

Note: Some platforms and tramps have a red line under them, if you see them it generally indicates a run up, and when the red line angles upwards a jump.
  1. Go NW take the jump and collect the GEM to the NE.
  2. Another couple of jumps to the NE and you'll land on some mud.
  3. Run up the SE ramp and jump onto and travel over the 3 risers which will keep you in the air until you land on a ramp the other side. Climb it, drop into the shaft and exit SW.
  4. Now run SW jumping over the 4 rebounders, then NW, then NE jumping over the fire
  5. Drop down the steps and continue to the exit.

  1. Go up the NW ramp and then up the NE ramp. Don't bother going down, there's nothing there, travel SE over the walkway.
  2. You will end up in a room with seemingly no way out, but there's a hole in the floor obscured by the SW wall, move to the west corner of the room and drop down the hole. Allow the ball to take its course, otherwise you may die, and you'll drop out a small area with mud and water.
  3. Go NE, up the riser, up the NW ramp and drop into the long coridoor. Collect the GEM to the SW, then leave the coridoor by dropping through the hole to the NE.
  4. Follow the walkways back to where you entered this area and leave by the same portal. You are now backtracking through areas 6 and 3 as follows.

  1. Follow the walkway past the risers then up the steps.
  2. Jump over the fire and then stop. Where the walkway turns SE you will see a single block jutting out, this allows you to jump back to the start.
  3. Head SE towards the rebounders to get a run up, now go NW and jump where the single block juts outs.
  4. Leave through the portal to area 3.

  1. You are back in the maze, but you won't have to complete it this time, just travel SE to another portal which takes you back to the start of the maze.
  2. You will reappear at the S corner next to a portal, exit through it.

  1. You are back in the vent tunnel which travels SE, stepping downwards occasionally. On the last drop jump out of the vent (there's a block missing in the ceiling). Its not easy to do, and you may have to try a few times.
  2. You should not be on top of the vent tunnel, travel SE, then jump NE over the lit entrance and onto the other vent tunnel, don't jump onto the trampolines, that's the way in, but not the way out.
  3. Time to check your position, you should be placed on top of a vent tunnel, to the SW is the lit entrance to another vent tunnel, to the NE there are 6 trampoline blocks. Are you there?
  4. Travel NW to the lit exit to the tunnel you are on top of. Staying on the same level you are at, follow the pipework as far as you can.
  5. Position check; you should be on a platformed area, with pretty yellow lights in the wall at the N of the current area. There is a portal nearby, drop down and leave through it.

  1. Go NE through or over the ramp then head SE.
  2. Being chased by an evil marble? Good. Here a handy tactic. You need to go up the NE heading ramp. Even though you are being chased, stop opposite it and as the evil marble charges you JUMP. The evil marble will pass under you, momentum carrying it away. As you are stopped opposite the ramp, it is easy to press in its direction to run up and over the risers leaving the evil marble behind.
  3. Follow the walkway NE, and jump onto the rebounder at the end. Ignore the portal which leads to area 6. Travel down and up the ramp taking a big SW jump to collect the GEM on top of the storage containers (the brown boxes).
  4. Drop off the containers, once again being chased by the evil marble. You are going to have to outrun it to get the extra life, if you can get to the SE where you can see an extra life floating in the air and some containers.
  5. Now you've got to be quick. Jump the containers to active a switch hidden behind them. Watch how your marble falls off to get an idea of how to jump out. When you activate the switch a riser will a appear, get to it and collect the life. Its not easy.
  6. For the second time, run up that NE ramp and over the risers, onto the rebounder, down and up the ramp going over the portal. This time drop onto the SE running walkway.
  7. Follow the walkway SE, jump between the risers and go up the steps and drop off, use the trampoline to get high enough to jump NE and go through the portal.

  1. Go SW down the ramp. Just for reference, continue SW, you can get no further without a bomb to blow up the air vent in the wall.
  2. Head NE through the hole in the ramp, collect the EXTRA LIFE, then SE onto the pipe which you have to jump onto.
  3. Jump the gap in the pipe and continue SE along it. The next part is a little unnerving as you go behind the scenery. As a rule, almost always when you can't see where you are going, keep going in the same direction you are already travelling. When you can go no further, jump SW through the hole in the wall.
  4. To the NW is a lift shaft, enter it and jump (there's a trampoline there). TIP: Small dust clouds give you a clue as to the position of your ball, but you can also press against the wall to make your position even more obvious. When at the top, push SW out of the lift shaft.
  5. Collect the bomb, drop down the steps and collect the GEM. Continue down the steps and head NW to the trampolines.
  6. User the trampolines to jump back to practically where you started. Now use the bomb to break through the vent.
  7. In the vent tunnel there's another bomn so you can break out the other side. Go SE to the portal and exit through it.

  1. Jump NE, go down the ramp, and jump the NW ramp.
  2. Drop onto the walkway, head SW down the steps, round onto the double pipework and SE onto the trampoline.
  3. Use the trapoline to collect the GEM and get onto the higer walkway. A short way NW then NE is the portal to exit this area.

  1. To the NW there's a column with a GEM on top of it. Go around the back of it to activate a switch making a riser appear. Go quickly up the riser to collect the GEM.

CONGRATULATIONS, you should have finished the World.

If not, then you've missed a GEM. The SW portal allows you to leave the area and takes you back the starting point.
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