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Marble Worlds: Candy World Expansion Walkthrough
For anyone who needs help with the Candy World Expansion we've provided a map and this guide for anyone who gets stuck. Please refer to the map for area numbers. The Map shows approximate positions of gems, lifes and portals in the World.

All directions refer to N being the top of the screen.
"Go" and direction usually means literally go this direction, for example:
"Go NE" - move NE (top/right diagonal) "Head" and direction is general, for example: "Head NE" - move in a NE direction, although the path you are on may twist and turn in other directions on the way. "Go round" implies following the path you are on in circular direction, usually 180 degrees.

AREA 1: (You Start Here)
  1. Follow the path round and over the green/red hill to the N.
  2. Proceed SE, up the riser, and over the wobbly bridge.
  3. Drop SW off the red/yellow platform and proceed until the junction where you see an exit to the SE.
  4. Go through the exit to Area 2a.
  5. (You've just returned from Area 2a) go SW at the junction, through the house and exit this area to AREA 4.

  1. Follow the path up round, up the ramp and jump onto the pink nougat surrounded by water.
  2. Go NW up the ramp, follow the wall, jumping over the point where you started.
  3. Drop down the chute and allow yourself to roll out.
  4. Go up the ramp, and follow the path around (its fronted by a wall of ice).
  5. Collect the GEM and use the bubble gum ball to bounce onto the wall to the NE.
  6. Drop off the wall back and leave the area where you entered it to AREA 1.5

You've just got here from area 5.
  1. Head NE until you go up the red ramp to the green platform. Drop through the hole in the green platform to the NW and collect the bomb.
  2. Now go SW, SE over the red ramp then SW to the 3x3 blue platform. From here, jump SE to the blue platform opposite.
  3. Go SW up the red ramp, drop through the green 3x3 platform, then head NE to the exit, using the bomb to destroy the yellow cinder toffee block as you go. Exit to Area 3.

  1. Go SE and up the green ramp into the chocolate tower. Don't continue SE yet, instead go SW, down the green ramp, up the riser, NW to the next tower then NE to collect the bomb.
  2. Now go SE all the way to last tower, using the bomb to blow up the cinder block which stops you from going SW.
  3. Go SW over the small jump, then NW over the dark chocolate bridge and stand between the two towers.
  4. Go SW into the tower on your left, and NW to get the gem. Return to the postion between the towers.
  5. Go NE into the tower on your right. You can't see it, but you are on a trampoline, jump to get out of the tower. Head N to the white chocolate and then exit (SW) to AREA 6.

  1. Head SW up the green checked hill, and drop down the middle.
    TIP: jump at the top helps slow you down and stop on the top
  2. Follow the path SE, jump up the steps and drop onto the lollipops.
  3. Run SE off the lollipops (no need to jump), and then follow the yellow snaking path SW.
  4. Jump up the NW steps, and follow the yellow wall around, making the necessary jump on the way.
  5. Carefully judging your speed, drop SE off the yellow wall onto the pink nougat and collect the gem. Go NE and exit the level to AREA 5.

  1. Follow the red path SE then NE.
  2. Use the NW ramp to jump the gap and continue NW up the wall. Missing will bounce you back off one of the 3 marsh mallow rebounders.
  3. Having made the jump, at the corner, don't follow the red wall any further, drop off onto the single block below you. Now follow the red path around at gound level, up the SW ramp and onto the green wall.
  4. Run along the green wall, jumping onto the 3x3 platform at the end.
  5. Run SE and jump onto the next platform using the ramp to propel you into the air onto the next which joins a red path continuing to the SE. Follow it to the corner.
  6. POSTION CHECK: You should be at the very S point of this area, where the single block red path now becomes a 2 block wide path going to the NE.

  7. Go NE, making the small jump. Follow the path around to the SW where you can get onto the ramp which goes back NE. The ramp provides a difficult jump NE to collect a GEM. You'll find it difficult to stop after the jump. Instaed allow your marble to drop to the NE. You may hit the bubble gum trampoline. If not, go back to it and use it to exit to AREA 2b.

  1. Go round and SE under where you start and under a small tower. Use the ramp to the SE of the small tower to run/jump NW into it. Keep pushing NW to prevent falling back out.
  2. Now go SW onto the bubble gum bounce pads use them to get the gem at the top of the white chocolate tower.
  3. Use the green ramp to jump back into the tower and head W to exit to AREA 9.

  1. Drop NW off the platform you come into the area on, and follow the path, jumping up the cubes. Drop through the last one and collect the bomb. Use the bounce pad to jump back.
  2. Go underneath where you enter the level and go NE. Blow up the cinder toffee block and into the lollipop forest. Head NW out of the forest.
    TIP: Squint your eyes and look at the tops of the lollipops. This may help you see the paths through the maze of lollipops.
  3. Collect the GEM and leave the AREA to AREA 7.

Phew, the last AREA! unless you've missed a GEM!
  1. Go SW to the green tower and drop through it. Now go NW, use the riser to get to the upper platform and collect the bomb to the SE.
  2. Go NW, jump through the tower and drop though the gap in the top platform after it, continuing NW to the next tower.
  3. Now go NE to the next tower, and positioned in it, jump to use the bouncer. Once bouncing, push SW to come out the tower onto the upper platform, go SW over the risers and collect the bomb in the tower to the SW.
  4. Go NE, use the risers to go over the top of the green tower, and continue NE to the next tower.
  5. Go SE and use the ramp to go under the next tower, jumping as you exit over the gap. Collect the bomb and use the bounce pad to return to where you entered the AREA.
  6. Just SW of the entrance to this AREA there is a red ramp leading down to a wall. Jump off the chocolate platform, into the air and explode the cinder toffee block. If you miss, use the ramp to climb up and try again. Once this is done, jump back through the hole you have made.
  7. Blow up the other blocks, to get to the ice. Climb up the wall at the end to collect the last GEM. If you've missed any gems, use the warp to return to the beginning of the game.

  1. Use the bouncers to jump around the level. Don't forget to collect the gem before you exit the AREA to AREA 8.

SECRET 1: AREA 1: Step 5
When you go into the house, push your marble against the NE wall and go SE. This should brings
you out the window. A lollipop, handily positioned in front of the window, stops you falling!

You can now jump onto the porch into the house. Note I say jump because the side of the porch roof you cannot see isn't slanted. Jump and run NW up the roof. When you flip over to the other side of the roof, push SE. You won't run back up the other side of the roof because once again this hidden side is not slanted, but stepped. You can now get the extra life in the chimney.
Tip: just as you flip to the other side of the roof, jump, it helps slow you down a bit, making it easier to settle yourself on the other side of the roof.

SECRET 2: AREA 6: Step 3
Use the marshmallow rebounder in the white chololate tower to jump onto a chocolate walkway. Follow this path to a lollipop ladder with an extra life at the top. Use the bubble gum bouncer to get back (NE) to the NE section of this area, and then head back to the the white choc. tower.

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