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Frequently Asked Questions: Aurora Sound Studio HD - Music creation on the iPad


Question: 'Does Aurora HD have any of the extra sequencing modes of the Tenori-On, like the bounce or random modes? Anything beyond the standard left-to-right X/Y grid? That's the one thing that all the Tenori-likes have been missing so far.'

Answer: 'Aurora has some similar functionality to the bounce and random modes but they do work slightly differently.'

'The Machine Gun mode is similar to the bounce mode in that you can generate repeated notes, but instead of bouncing vertically the notes fire in from left to right.'

'You can set a layer as random, which allows the sequencer to trigger random a set of pre-determined notes in a random order but at specified time intervals. This is kind of hard to explain but it achieves much the same thing.'

'Unlike the Tenori-On however, we do allow proper sequencing and triggering of patterns. The Tenori-On only allows you to record a one off performance in real time and you have to switch patterns yourself. There is no re-editing allowed on the Tenori-On.'

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